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Will There Be A Tax On My Children’s Inheritance?

Posted by Dana Law Group on June 14, 2022

The Good News and the Bad News… An estate tax is a tax your heirs owe when you transfer property at your death. The good news is that under current IRS rules, for “relatively simple estates,” unless the combined gross assets exceed $12,060,000 (in 2022), you don’t have to file a federal estate tax return.So, […]

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Will Arizona Allow Me To Create An Electronic Will?

Posted by Dana Law Group on May 18, 2022

Proper estate planning ensures that your wishes are fulfilled after your death and removes additional stress from your grieving loved ones. One of the most recent developments in estate planning is an electronic will. However, if you want to create an electronic will in Arizona, you’ll need to follow certain precautions to ensure it’s valid. […]

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No Children and No Heirs Shouldn’t Mean No Estate Plan

Posted by Dana Law Group on May 5, 2022

Some individuals face extraordinarily complex estate planning issues involving a large number of potential heirs or a pile of substantial assets distributed in multiple directions. Others need an estate plan to support the financial security of just one or two heirs. However, many people don’t have any children or heirs to whom they can leave […]

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How to Choose the Right Guardian for Your Child

Posted by Dana Law Group on April 29, 2022

As young parents, it can be hard to think of a future where you aren’t there for your children. While it is very likely that you will live a long and happy life with your kids, you still must account for their wellbeing in case something happens to you. While it can be a difficult concept […]

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