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Documents of wills and living trusts

Differences Between a Will and a Living Trust

Posted by Dana Law Group on August 19, 2020

Every adult should have a plan in place for what they would like done with their assets after they die. Granted, it’s not the most pleasant topic to consider, but it is necessary nonetheless. When someone passes away without proper estate planning, their loved ones are subject to further turmoil as state officials then determine how to divide up their […]

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The Importance of Power of Attorney

Posted by Dana Law Group on July 19, 2020

Power of Attorney: A Crucial Tool for Ensuring a Happier Future For many individuals, the idea of wanting to have their wishes obeyed, without any way of making it happen, represents a kind of nightmare. You can avoid this sense of helplessness and minimize any confusion over your affairs by drawing up a Power of […]

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Do You Know How Your Parents’ Estate Plan Impacts You?

Posted by Dana Law Group on July 11, 2020

If you have difficulty discussing your parents’ legal and financial affairs with them, or if you make every effort to think of the prospect of your parent’s demise, you might be understandably unclear as to their estate plan’s status. Do you know what the current estate plan includes, what it needs to include but doesn’t, […]

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Is Your Will Legally Valid?

Posted by Dana Law Group on June 25, 2020

Nobody likes thinking about “the end,” but it’s something we all must do. And if you’re like many people, you want to have some form of control over what happens after you are gone. You want to be able to have a say with how your possessions are handled, and you probably would like to dictate how […]

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