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Image of lawyer and client discussing wills

How to Leave Someone Out of a Will

Posted by Dana Law Group on January 20, 2021

Setting up a will can be a great way to ensure that your best wishes are carried out when you pass. A will can also make things easier for your loved ones, especially if it includes coverage for a funeral or burial. Still, whether you’re preparing to create a will or already have one in […]

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image of trust or probate dispute

The Hearsay Rules in Probate and Trust Disputes

Posted by Dana Law Group on December 9, 2020

Many people take steps to put a will or trust in place to ensure their wishes are followed after they pass. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be some disputes after you’re gone. There may be family members who feel they should have been included or individuals who try to claim you meant to make […]

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image of blended family

Blended Families & Estate Planning: What You Need to Know

Posted by Dana Law Group on December 9, 2020

Blended families are much more common today than they were years ago, which can create a number of legal challenges, especially when it comes to estate planning. Including your step-children or other members of your family who are related by marriage can create murky waters you don’t want your loved ones to deal with after […]

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Image of money in tree

Assets and Probate: What is Included?

Posted by Dana Law Group on November 10, 2020

After a person passes away in Arizona, it is possible that his or her death can trigger what’s known as a court-ordered Probate process. This process involves having a Personal Representative distribute the estate of the deceased person to creditors and any heirs or beneficiaries. Important to note, however, is that not all of the […]

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