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Adding A No-Contest Clause To Your Will In Arizona

Posted by Dana Law Group on July 15, 2022

Want to Avoid Conflicts Over Your Final Wishes? Add a No-Contest Clause to Your Arizona Will Many estate holders create a will for the sole purpose of making sure that their estate gets distributed among their surviving beneficiaries according to their wishes. Unfortunately, even this necessary and sensible step can’t guarantee a smooth transfer of […]

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Tips For Executors To Help Administer An Estate

Posted by Dana Law Group on July 8, 2022

Being asked to be the executor of an estate is a significant responsibility. Therefore, before you accept this role, you must understand all the obligations you will need to fulfill as the executor. Below is a summary of all the duties you will take on if you accept this important role. Understanding all of your […]

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Financial Planning vs. Estate Planning

Posted by Dana Law Group on June 26, 2022

When you are engaging in planning for the future of your finances, you may have heard about both financial planning and estate planning. But, what’s the difference between them? There are a lot of differences, and each serves a different goal. Estate Planners When you go to an estate planner, this is usually an attorney […]

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Will There Be A Tax On My Children’s Inheritance?

Posted by Dana Law Group on June 14, 2022

The Good News and the Bad News… An estate tax is a tax your heirs owe when you transfer property at your death. The good news is that under current IRS rules, for “relatively simple estates,” unless the combined gross assets exceed $12,060,000 (in 2022), you don’t have to file a federal estate tax return.So, […]

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