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7 Reasons You Need a Probate Lawyer in Arizona

Posted by Dana Law Group on October 7, 2020

Whether you’re an heir, beneficiary or executor, hiring an experienced probate attorney in Arizona can help with the handling and distribution of the deceased’s estate. Probate attorneys help navigate the probate process, which is complex. Here’s a list of 7 reasons why you should use a probate attorney. 1. Probate Attorneys Make the Probate Process […]

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Estate Planning Lawyer during Covid-19

Estate Planning an Urgent Priority in the Wake of Covid-19

Posted by Dana Law Group on September 8, 2020

No one really wants to think about planning their estate. It’s complicated: You need to break down everything you own and consider your family members and close friends. But estate planning is an urgent priority now more than ever. During COVID-19, many have become aware that they aren’t prepared for the distribution of their estate. An Estate […]

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What is an Advance Directive and Do I Need One?

Posted by Dana Law Group on September 4, 2020

An Introduction to Advance Directives If you have begun to think about long-term plans, you may have already looked into funding a trust, writing a final will and testament, or taking out life insurance. However, not every contingency occurs after someone dies. You may encounter numerous challenging situations while you still live — situations that […]

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Ensure Your Home is Passed on to Your Children

Posted by Dana Law Group on August 19, 2020

Perhaps your family home is something that you’ve built over decades for the next generation. Perhaps it’s simply a property that you’ve poured a significant amount of money into — and you want to make sure that the investment lasts. Many parents want to make sure their home is passed onto their children, but that […]

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