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Last Will and Testament Papers

What If a Last Will and Testament Can’t Be Found?

Posted by Zach Dana on August 23, 2016

A last will and testament is one of the most important tools available to people today to leave behind specific directions about what should happen to their estate, or assets, after death. Having a will is ideal, but many people do not go through with the process of establishing one or, if they do, they […]

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When Do I Need to Hire an Arizona Probate Attorney?

Posted by Zach Dana on August 18, 2016

When we have lost a loved one, there are emotional issues to be dealt with but regardless of that, there are also practical matters which must be addressed. One of those matters is dealing with the assets and debts they have left behind. Whether your loved one took the time to have an estate plan […]

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last will and testament

5 Tips for Preparing Your Last Will and Testament

Posted by Zach Dana on April 13, 2016

  The thought of preparing your last will and testament can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. These tips will help you get on the right track so you can tackle your estate planning head on and get back to living your life. Create a list of your assets. This list should include […]

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executor of a will

What does an executor of a will do?

Posted by Zach Dana on April 6, 2016

An executor, or a personal representative as they are often referred to in Arizona, is the person who is appointed either by the creator of the will, or by a judge, to ensure that the directions in a person’s will are followed correctly and all financial obligations are taken care of. If you are named […]

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