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How to Choose the Right Guardian for Your Child

Posted by Dana Law Group on April 29, 2022

As young parents, it can be hard to think of a future where you aren’t there for your children. While it is very likely that you will live a long and happy life with your kids, you still must account for their wellbeing in case something happens to you. While it can be a difficult concept to think about, it is important that young parents pick a guardian for their child.

A guardian is someone entrusted with taking care of your children should anything happen to you. This guardian should be someone that you trust to offer stability and safety to your loved ones.

With such a huge decision looming, how do you know who to select as the guardian for your child?

Focus on the Future

When it comes time to select the guardian for your child, think about the future as much as the present. Becoming a guardian can be a demanding and physical task. While grandpa may seem like a great choice today, will he be able to handle the demands of a young child?

Think about your child, their needs, and the potential adaptability of your potential guardians. Put everyone in the best position to succeed.

Leave Detailed Directions

No matter who you decide to entrust with the potential care of your child, you can rest easy by leaving behind detailed instructions pertaining to their care and upbringing. Depending on the age of your child, you may want to send them to specific schools or have them adhere to certain religious or nutritional tenants. While you can’t enforce these demands, you can make sure that your thoughts and wishes are heard and referenced.

As a parental figure, your choices and wishes should at least be written down and honored in the event that you are not there to request them.

Does Anyone Standout?

While we often consider family members as parental guardians for our children, this isn’t a rule or standard that must be followed. Is there a specific person in your life or the life of your child that they connect with? Someone who has a strong bond with you and your children and who is willing to take on their responsibility? A close family friend can become the perfect guardian.

No matter who you choose, make sure to have open and clear communication with potential guardian figures.

Keep Your Records Updated

As you go through life, your situations, options, and circumstances may change. Don’t stress or fret about the details because your will and other estate planning documents can be modified and updated to reflect your circumstances.

To learn more about selecting the right guardian for your child, reach out to the team at Dana Law Group.