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Estate Planning Services in Sun City

No one can ever prepare for the unfathomable grief and distress associated with the unexpected death of a loved one.  Death is an extremely sensitive topic among family and friends, and as such, it’s one that is rarely broached upon.

However, such disregard can often cause trouble for families after the passing of a loved one. Without taking the estate planning process into careful consideration, your assets can be wrongfully taken away from the hands of your loved ones. Here at Dana Law Group, we strive to defend the wills of our clients after they pass away.  By working with our expert team of lawyers, we can ensure that your beneficiaries receive your assets the way you intended them to.

Dana Law Group has been serving the local Sun City community for a number of years. Our team of lawyers has over 70 years of combined experience, and we’re more than ready to work together to solve all of your estate planning needs.

Choosing a Will

Here at Dana Law group we specialize in a variety of will types.  Whether your in need of a simple will (recommended for those who have less than $100,000 worth of real-estate) or a pour-over will (appoints an executor to distribute assets left outside of a trust), we promise that our expert team of attorneys has a solution for your specific needs.

Avoid Probate: Make a Trust

While wills are often appropriate estate planning solutions, trusts are perhaps safer in terms of securing your assets.  Trusts are almost guaranteed to avoid the probate process entirely, allowing your assets to directly pass into the hands of your trustees without moving through the courts first. A trust takes effect immediately after its creation, but your successor trustees cannot actually access the trust until your passing. As such, with a trust you can choose how and when you want your successor trustee to manage your assets. While trusts often prove to be a more effective estate planning solution—they are also quite complicated to create. As a result, we highly recommend working closely with our legal team in order to fully understand the trust creation process.

At the Dana Law Group, we understand that estate planning is a personal matter. We are aware that you want to make sure your estate is planned for with your unique circumstances in mind. We make sure to put in the work required to understand you and your case in order to give you the best guidance in planning for your estate. At the Dana Law Group, we aim to provide more than just legal guidance, we aim to form a personal, ongoing, relationship with each of our clients. When you hire the Dana Law Group, you aren’t just hiring a Sun City estate planning attorney to provide you with a stack of legal documents, you are forming a relationship with an attorney who can advise you on changes in the estate planning laws and keep your documents current as changes occur in your family or your legal objectives.

Many people believe that it is unnecessary to plan for their estate unless they are wealthy or own numerous large assets. This is not the case. Anyone who owns any assets may put their loved ones through the probate process in the future, the process by which the court decides how the assets left behind are to be distributed. By planning for your estate now, you can make sure that your loved ones avoid probate entirely. The passing of a loved one causes a lot of pain, and going through court hearing and legal disputes will only make a tough time tougher.