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Your Personalized Scottsdale Estate Plan

Most of our clients have financial net worths from $200,000 to over $50 million, and our team is prepared to handle all of your estate planning, no matter what your personal situation may be.

Estate planning is essential; it is more than just drafting up a will or establishing one of various types of trusts. Customizing a specific plan for you is our priority. At the Dana Law Group, we believe we are different from other law firms. We spend time throughout the estate planning process to visit with you to know you and your unique circumstances and wishes. We understand that estate planning is a personal matter, and that is why we seek to form a personal, ongoing relationship with each of our clients.

Our Scottsdale attorneys are knowledgeable about wills, trusts, probate, and other aspects of estate planning. When you choose the Dana Law Group to be on your estate planning team, you form a relationship with a professional who can advise you on changes in the estate planning laws and keep your will, trusts, and other documents current and valid, even as changes occur in your family or your legal objectives. With the Dana Law Group, you are not just hiring a lawyer to pile a stack of legal documents in front of you for your signature.

Many people believe that estate planning is necessary only for the wealthy or those with significant assets, whether properties, stocks and bonds, and other financial resources. We disagree; whether your estate consists of simple personal property to expansive real estate holdings, ongoing businesses, or agricultural concerns, everyone can benefit from proper estate planning.

Tangible benefits include savings from gift and estate taxes; intangible benefits include peace of mind knowing that your dependents are well-provided for and your wishes will be followed.”

There is much to be considered in preparing your estate plan.Therefore, it is in your best interest to fully know all there is about estate planning for your particular situation. This is time consuming and impractical for most individuals. Fortunately, you can avoid spending years attempting to learn this complex and ever-changing subject.

Our Scottsdale estate planning attorneys already have this expertise and will work alongside you to make sure you understand all of your options. We clarify any confusing concepts or details, propose relevant solutions for your needs, and ensure that you are aware of potential risks and are protected in today’s turbulent legal world.

In the unfortunate case that a person dies inestate, meaning without a valid will, his or her heirs must go through the probate process. Probate is typically a long and arduous legal action likely forcing the individual’s beneficiaries to undergo years of tedious paperwork and subsequent court proceedings. Not only is this inconvenient and potentially worrisome to the inexperienced, but steep legal expenses may be drawn from the estate during this process, thus reducing the overall value of the estate.

We aim to make planning for the future as easy as possible for you, your heirs, and your beneficiaries. Our attorneys at the Dana Law Group can help you achieve the peace of mind and financial security you and your loved ones desire. At our Scottsdale office, we can guide you through all aspects of estate planning: establishing a durable power of attorney, creating a last will and testament, setting up a living trust, and handling trust administration, among other concerns.

We have ten Arizona locations including our Scottsdale office, which is conveniently located near the 101 and Bell Rd. Please feel free to contact us today to discuss your situation and individual needs.