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Prescott Estate Planning:

Dana Law Group, LLC
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Estate planning is a personal matter. Here at Dana Law Group, we appreciate this full heartedly, and have thus made it our goal to seek and build a special, growing, relationship with every Dana Law Group patron. We know that when you think about getting your estate matter, you want confidence in knowing that you are working with experienced and knowledgeable attorneys.

Our commitment at Dana Law Group, once you decide to partner with us, is not simply to assign a lawyer to you and help you with your legal documents and help sign papers.  What we have is a partnership.  A relationship and a commitment to have your best interest at heart, admonish you on the development or revisions in the estate planning laws, update your records as developments happen in your family or as you shift in your lawful priorities.

We will work directly with you to understand your personal circumstances. We understand that no two cases are identical, and that is why we are prepared to get to know you and your case, so that we can help you get the most out of your estate planning. Whether you are looking to build a basic will, if not a pour-over will, we will help you decide what’s best for you. If you don’t plan for your estate properly, your loved ones may be faced with various legal issues in the future. Here at Dana Law Group, we appreciate your need to make the process in the future as simple as possible for your beneficiaries. When you hire us, we promise to work alongside you to get you and your loved ones the financial security you warrant.

Visiting our Prescott station,  our staff and attorneys are more than happy to walk you through the different facets of estate planning, such as building a durable power of attorney, constructing a last will and testament, establishing a living trust, skipping probate and supervising trust administration.  Spare your family the aggravation caused by the probate process.  As a Prescott local, with a keen interest in setting up their estate planning, please call us today, set up a free meeting with any of our specialist Prescott estate planning attorneys!