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Tucson is native to three of the biggest and most prestigious educational institutions in the state of Arizona one of which is the University of Arizona.  Tucson is also popular to both local and foreign tourists due to its delightful landscape and more favorable weather.  Having a citizenry of more than five hundred thousand inhabitants, that translates to homes, automobiles and various properties for almost half of the population.  If you are in this situation, Dana Law Group is willing to assist you in managing your estate.  With more than seventy years of combined engagement in the estate planning industry in the state of Arizona, our Tucson office which is conveniently located off Fort Lowell and Swan Rd. is ready to help you.

Unlike other law firms to aim to aid you in your case, we strive to aid you in your plan for your lifetime and your family. Here at Dana Law Group, we grasp the personal nature of estate planning, hence we deliberately seek a more engaging and consistent rapport with every client.  We aim to provide with the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure that your estate will be planned for in the best way possible. Engaging the Dana Law Group’s services is not a simple exercise of getting a lawyer to help you fill out forms and legal records.  Our service transcends your need.  We provide you with an attorney who will guide you and partner with you in meeting your ever changing needs as estate planning laws change as well as your loved ones and legal arrangements changes.

You may not be aware of all of the technicalities regarding estate planning, such as the steps to take in order to avoid probate. If your estate isn't planned for properly,  the people you care the most; your family, may experience the pain of answering a large number of legal battles, legal and familial disagreements and much more.  We know that you want financial security for both you and your loved ones.  However, your lack of awareness of the numerous estate laws and its practice may lead you to disaster without even knowing it.  Once you avail of our services, you will be working with experienced attorneys well versed in the realm of estate planning.

At our Tucson facility, our legal staff and roster of experienced and successful estate planning attorneys will assist you even in the most basic of your estate planning requirement, such as providing a durable power of attorney, building a last will and testament, constructing a living trust and abstaining probate as well as running trust administration. Phone us today and lets lineup a free appointment with any of our competent and specialist Tucson estate planning attorney to start you up in your estate planning needs.


Tucson Estate Planning

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