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When Should You First Create An Estate Plan?

Posted by Zach Dana on January 23, 2019

Many people become uncomfortable when they think about create an estate plan because that means they need to start thinking about their inevitable death. However, without this type of plan, in the event something does happen, their wishes won’t be known or carried out. While it’s reasonable to believe you are more likely to live […]

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Living Trust vs. Will in Arizona

Posted by Zach Dana on December 13, 2018

If you’re thinking about ways to secure your future, congratulations! The truth is that not enough people do. After all, nobody really wants to think about a day when they might no longer be around or be able to make important decisions, but alas none of us are immortal. Fortunately, you can take some of the uncertainty […]

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Arizona Probate Process

Power of Attorney Documents Can Alleviate Problems Later

Posted by Zach Dana on December 6, 2018

What exactly does it mean to grant “power of attorney”? It’s normal to become more curious about this as we age, even though nobody wants to think about a day when they may no longer be able to make conscious decisions about their own well being. Fortunately, by creating a valid power of attorney document now […]

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Estate Planning Can Help You Avoid Disputes

Posted by Zach Dana on November 28, 2018

The death of a loved one often brings families together, but it can have negative effects as well. In fact, if there are any underlying issues, they can often explode when families are dealing with the death of a loved one and the additional stress that brings. If there is a dispute over your will, […]

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