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Why You Need to Have a Durable Power of Attorney

Posted by Zach Dana on March 25, 2016

A power of attorney is a document that allows someone you trust to make decisions for you when you can’t. There are a few different types of power of attorney, and each serves a unique purpose. However, all will allow the person you have named (or an alternate, if the person you have named is […]

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If you die without a will

Who Gets What When You Die Without a Will?

Posted by Zach Dana on March 11, 2016

Who Gets What When You Die Without a Will? As estate planning attorneys this is a common question we encounter. The majority of the time people are asking to determine the value of our estate planning services to them while the rest are simply curious what will happen if they die without a will. Unfortunately […]

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scottsdale estate planning attorney

Scottsdale Pre-Election Estate Planning Guide

Posted by Zach Dana on March 4, 2016

Scottsdale residents alert. Put your estate plan into action before the election. With the upcoming presidential election comes change. Now is the time to not only pick a candidate, but also pick an estate plan that will suit your needs. As our country picks a new leader, there may be future changes put into place […]

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how does divorce impact my estate plan

Divorce and Your Estate Plan

Posted by Zach Dana on March 4, 2016

How Does Divorce Impact Your Estate Plan? There are many individuals who have established an estate plan with their spouse, but who are now divorced or going through the divorce process. Such circumstances would naturally raise a number of questions. What if my former spouse and I created a trust together? What if my spouse […]

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