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estate planning when you're not married

In a Relationship, But Not Married? What You Need to Know About Estate Planning.

Posted by Zach Dana on September 1, 2016

Estate planning when you’re not married, but are in a relationship is important. In this day and age many people are putting off getting married and instead are living together, buying homes together and having children together; the lack of a marriage certificate does not lessen the need for estate planning. In fact, if you […]

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Estate Planning After Divorce

Estate Planning After a Divorce

Posted by Zach Dana on August 30, 2016

Estate planning after a divorce is just as important as it was prior to the dissolution of the marriage. Estate planning is a critical tool that gives you the ability to decide how your assets are handled and distributed when you are gone as well as who will be in charge of making sure your […]

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Good Estate Planning for your Wealth

What Good Estate Planning Can Do For You

Posted by Zach Dana on August 25, 2016

Good Estate Planning is an essential part of long term planning for your business, healthcare, and disposition of wealth.  Estate planning has many components and not all of them may apply to you but they should all be part of the conversation between yourself and your estate planning professional.  It is also critical to be […]

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Last Will and Testament Papers

What If a Last Will and Testament Can’t Be Found?

Posted by Zach Dana on August 23, 2016

A last will and testament is one of the most important tools available to people today to leave behind specific directions about what should happen to their estate, or assets, after death. Having a will is ideal, but many people do not go through with the process of establishing one or, if they do, they […]

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