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Estate Planning: Protect Your Loved Ones

While death may come in many unpredictable forms, careful estate planning can help give your family a sense of assuredness in such chaotic times. Don’t let your loved ones fall victim to the hassles and headaches of a contested will; take the time to cover all potential claims to your estate. With a simple will or a trust, you can give your loved ones the peace of mind they deserve. In fact, Phoenix estate planning is perhaps the best way for a person to ensure the well-being of their loved ones after they pass away.

At Dana Law Group, we strive to help you protect the integrity of your estate. You need to be certain that your beneficiaries and trustees are accounted for after your passing. Our downtown Phoenix, Arizona office provides many useful estate-planning services for our clients. Our team of lawyers can assist you with the creation of both wills and trusts, as well as represent you throughout probate.

Play it Safe, Make a Will

Wills are one of the more popular forms of estate planning because of their simple nature. However, creating a will does not necessarily mean that you can avoid the probate process entirely. A will simply names an official executor to properly distribute your assets upon your death; however, all wills must still go through the court’s probate process when dividing up your estate. Here at Dana Law Group, we can help your construct a comprehensive will to help ensure that your beneficiaries receive the assets the way you intended them to.

Trusts: A Plan You Can Rely On

To avoid the probate process, we recommend the creation of a trust when planning your estate. A trust is a document that declares a successor “trustee” to claim your estate upon your death; however, during the time you're alive the trustees have no real ownership of the property. Trusts can be extremely complicated in terms of legal jargon, so we highly recommend you work closely with our team of lawyers to help you comprehend the trust planning process.

Probate Representation

Probate is the legal process by which a person’s assets are distributed under the guidance of a will. However, if the intents of the deceased are not made entirely clear, a person’s will or estate may also be redistributed as the court sees fit. At Dana Law Group, our goal is to carefully guide you through the probate process. If issues do arise throughout the probate process, we do not want you to feel alarmed.  Our lawyers have extensive experience handling difficult probate situations, and we can guarantee that your beneficiaries will receive the assets they rightfully deserve.

If You Need Estate Planning Services in Phoenix - Come to Dana Law Group

We've been working for the Phoenix community for a number of decades-- and we look forward to continued cooperation with our Phoenix clients. With over 70 years of experience under our belt and 2400 happy clients whom we’ve done work for, you can rest assured that Dana Law Group has a legal team that can give you the estate planning services you need in Phoenix, AZ.

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