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Keep Your Legacy Going With Estate Planning

Posted by Search Control on April 14, 2020

We all have loved ones who have passed away. Oftentimes, we can pull out a item they left us – a ring, a photograph, or other posession – and remember them through the feelings the item evokes. For others, it can be something not even purposely left behind in a will – like an email you’ve saved, voicemail, a gift, or something else that’s tangible. You may find yourself listening to the voice message or reading that email over and over again. These little things, these reminders, are often more cherished than the bigger things left behind, like property or money.

Today, more and more people are thinking about the sentimental legacy they want to leave their loved ones. Of course,  high value tangilbe assets are important, but why not include something that inspires your loved ones to continue your legacy, whatever that may be. A collection of prized recipes handed down from generation to generation. The collections of stickers you’ve had since you were a little girl. Your favorite book. Love letters no one else has ever seen. And stories. Stories about you. About them. And about your legacy.

Estate Planning Tells a Story
Estate planning is more than passing on money, houses, and jewelry. It’s passing on who you and your family are, where you came from, and where you can go from here. Passing down the stories of your ancestry is something that lasts forever, unlike money or other assets that can be spent or sold off after you pass. When done right, these stories can be presevered for generations to come.

Aside from securing the transfer of tangible assets to your loved ones, we also help you create a customized recording where you share your fondest memories, life lessons, valuable insights, stories of victory and stories of defeat, and anything else you want to share with your loved ones after you are gone. This is a wonderful process for clients, who learn a lot about themselves from taking the time to really think about the legacy they want to leave to their children, grandchildren, neices, nephews, and other family members or friends.

Leave a Legacy that Lasts
Considering you probably wouldn’t get around to doing this recording on your own, we inspire and help you along the way. The process is easy, enjoyable, and is part of your estate planning at no extra charge. We understand that the most precious resources your family owns are wisdom, memories, and your legacy. These far outweight the value of money or other assets that can quickly disappear after you’re gone. This is also a process that will bring your family together during a time when they need it the most.

Contact us to find out more about planning your estate, including leaving behind a legacy that lasts. We will see to it that you’re most cherished items, along with all your family memories, values, and life lessons, are passed down to the next generation. Schedule a consultation with us today to find out more about our unique estate planning.