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Why Hire a Local Mesa, AZ Estate Planning Law Firm

Talking about death can be very difficult, and creating an estate plan can seem overwhelming. For these reasons, many people simply avoid the estate planning process– refusing to acknowledge the need for careful preparation. That’s a serious problem, because estate planning is perhaps the best way for a person to control how their assets are used and how their family is taken care of after he or she is gone.

At Dana Law Group we strive to help you protect your legacy. The experienced attorneys at our Mesa office can provide you with important estate planning services, like creating a will or a trust and naming a power of attorney. We also are experienced in providing probate and trust administration services.

Importance of Will Creation

Wills are one of the most common forms of estate planning. They are less expensive than trusts and, when created properly, can be a great tool for distributing your assets to beneficiaries after you die. At Dana Law Group, we handle both simple wills and pour-over wills, ensuring that your beneficiaries receive your assets the way you intended them to.

Creating a Trust in Mesa

There are many types of trusts that can be used in estate planning. Perhaps the most common, the revocable living trust, is a document that allows you to transfer ownership of your assets to a trustee. Items held within the trust will pass automatically to the trustee after the trustor’s death without going through probate. Since trusts are more complex than wills, they also cost more to create generally. Working with an experienced trust attorney will ensure that the items in your trust can pass to your intended beneficiaries after your death.

Walking you through the probate process

Probate is the process the court uses to verify a will. In Arizona, most probates are relatively painless. However, if there is a dispute about the validity of the will, creditor disputes or disagreements between beneficiaries, the process can become much more complicated. If you are serving as a personal representative for someone’s will and you need help, the experienced probate attorneys at Dana Law Group in Mesa can help you get through the process.

Estate Planning Services in Mesa

Our Mesa office is conveniently located off the US-60 on Southern Ave. between Power and Sossaman Rd. If you would like to schedule a free consultation, please call us at 480-924-4557 or submit an inquiry and we will be in touch shortly.