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Chandler – North Estate Planning:

Dana Law Group, LLC
3100 W. Ray Rd. #201
Chandler, AZ 85226


Our team of well-experienced estate planning staff and attorneys can help you with your estate planning needs in Chandler.  Whether if you are need of a will, trust or have questions about probate, we have helped many throughout Arizona address these needs and concerns. With a combined 7 decades of estate planning experience you are assured of personalized and high quality service with our Chandler work post comfortably situated outside the South 101 and Ray Rd.

At Dana Law Group, we fully comprehend your personal need in estate planning.  It is our desire to create a healthy rapport and growing engagement with all our clients. In a city as dynamic as Chandler, we understand that there are many different kinds of people, and that each case is unique in nature. That is why we strive to provide you with personal attention as unique as you when getting your estate planning in order.  Engaging the services of Dana Law Group, does not translate to simply getting a Chandler estate planning attorney to help you write up documents and sign legal papers.  We are building a relationship not just your assigned attorney but with the entire Dana Law Group.  We don’t just provide legal advice, we ensure you are updated with the ever changing laws and policies on estate law and guide you through when your legal objectives and priorities change as well.  Here at Dana Law Group, we understand that you want your beneficiaries to receive the most of your estate as possible, and we want to work with you directly to ensure that happens.

When you hire an attorney with the Dana Law Group, we promise to work with you directly to make sure you understand everything there is to know about estate planning. We want you to feel confident in knowing that your loved ones will not have to hassle with legal processes in the future.

A number of Chandler residents cling to the idea that estate planning is limited to those who are wealthy or for those who are nearing the elderly ages of life. But this is not the case. If you die without a will, then a judge will appoint an executor to handle all of your estate. Unless you hire an attorney and get your estate planning in order, you may not have a say in how your estate and assets are distributed after your death. Naming an executor in your will gives you the peace of mind of knowing that someone you trust will handle your estate. From the probate process to trusts and wills, we are here to help you understand what your family deserves.

In our Chandler office, we will walk you through the entire facets of estate planning.  We will help you create a durable power of attorney, produce a credible last will and testament, create a strong living trust, skip probate and oversee trust administration.  Spare your family the hassle of facing multiple legal concerns.  If you are near Chandler, and ready to go through with estate planning, reach out, drop us a line today and let’s line up a free discussion with one of our successful Chandler estate planning attorneys!